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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is my problem?

So I have this dilemma that repeats itself just about every single day, and leads me to believe that I may be borderline obsessive compulsive. My daily (weekday) routine is as follows: wake up to the sound of guitar strumming on my iPhone alarm, shower, makeup, hair, clothes, pack a lunch, and go. Thrilling, I know. As I'm driving to work, though, my heart suddenly seizes and I am filled with panic. I left the iron/straightener/heater/curling iron on! (A lot of heat is involved in being me...pun intended). I have to turn back! My apartment is going to burn down!

I'm usually halfway to work at this point, so I try to calm myself down and remember the EXACT moment in which I unplugged whatever device I am worried about. Usually it works and I can forget about it until sometime midday at which point I reason that if my apartment had burned down I would have gotten a call by then. And (KNOCK ON WOOD...for reals) to this point I have never once left anything plugged in, let alone on. So why am I so worried? It's just weird.




  1. It's not that weird. I think a lot of us do that... especially those of us who like to know we're in control of what's going on. The amount of times I've panicked about leaving stuff on... well, I know what you feel. haha. I find with me, I can often attribute the cause to mild absent-mindedness, where I know its likely I could have forgotten, so I panic, and then can't remember if I actually did forget or not.

  2. hahaha...this happens to me ALL the time, with my flat iron! I actually have left it on for hours and thank goodness, nothing's happened. Oooh, and I love "Haters to the left"...hilarious!

  3. I know this one. I have done that way too many times to count. I actually have to force myself take note of unplugging whatever appliance by saying it outloud in order not to freak out later.
    I know, I'm weird.

  4. ummmm, i think i sucummbed to your flat iron freak out at least once a week when we were roomies. and guess NEVER left it on :)